Your new planning and analytics team has arrived!

  • Have you outgrown Excel as a planning and reporting solution?
  • Is your team spending too much time with manual or repetitive reporting tasks?
  • Are you concerned about new staff training, putting additional demand on your team or turnover of key resources?
  • Would you like to skip the overwhelming procurement process, jaw-dropping license fees, and large upfront consulting project?

Our packaged, cloud-based, subscription solution is the answer for you…

Problems with Planning

Partner with Onpoint to receive our white glove subscription service that includes planning, analytics, and support.


  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Workflow and approvals
  • Personnel planning…
  • you name it


  • Dashboards and board reporting
  • Ad hoc and guided analytics
  • Central data repository…
  • we do it all


  • We load actuals & keep it up to date
  • We troubleshoot and fix issues
  • We do this all day…
  • we’re good at it

How it works

Step 1: You tell us about your challenges

  • We work with you to identify your planning and analytics needs
  • You decide on scope
  • We agree on the price (one-time startup fee + ongoing monthly fee)

Step 2: We do the configuration and customization

  • We configure and customize the solution to your needs
  • You review, and we make final tweaks
  • You approve, and we sign our operating agreement

Step 3: You go live on our platform

  • You are live with your state-of-the-art enterprise planning and analytics solution
  • One-year commitment, then month to month
  • You know your TCO, there are no hidden costs

Step 4: You reap the benefits

  • You enjoy using your customized planning and analytics solution
  • We help you with the day-to-day tasks of managing the application and keeping it up to date

Step 5: We take care of you

  • We are there to help you when things are the most hectic
  • You get a set of dedicated hours on a monthly basis that can be used for support and smaller enhancements
  • Pre-negotiated low rate for additional projects and staff-augmentation if you need it


A few kind words...

Geir understands the complexities of my business and have created accurate, timely and sophisticated solutions to address them. I finally have reports and metrics that clearly and effectively communicate MCE’s opportunities and challenges. I can now focus on the deep thinking necessary to take the next steps for my organization.

Profile photo of Wendy Turman — Wendy Turman
Managing Director - Chief Financial Officer
MCE Social Capital

Not only is Geir a pleasure to work with, but he brings great depth of knowledge from both technical and process standpoints. He thinks on his feet and keeps the end-user at the forefront of solutions—two things that set a good architect apart from a great one.

Profile photo of Karissa Whalen — Karissa Whalen
Director, Enterprise Program Management Office & Reporting

Several months into implementation of an EPM cloud-based solution, we engaged Onpoint Intelligence to help bring the project back on track through:

  1. better alignment of project management methodologies between us and the vendor
  2. re-scoping and schedule re-planning
  3. configuration/development support needed to meet looming deadlines

To say the least, their involvement was essential to get us to go-live, and we remain in a strong partnership with Onpoint Intelligence through subsequent project phases.

Onpoint is great to work with—responsive, reliable, knowledgeable, and a quintessential problem-solver. Should we delete “and a quintessential problem-solver. Geir and his entire team are customer-service oriented and get the job done!

Profile photo of Karissa Whalen — Project Manager
Prominent Higher Ed Client
Bay Area, California

Meet the Team

Geir Boe

Geir Boe

Geir has over 20 years of experience designing, leading and implementing strategic planning and analytics solutions. He has the ability to work closely with executive sponsors and create momentum and excitement with business users. He is the quintessential problem solver and loves to dig in deep. Geir’s biggest passion is skiing and spending time with his family in the mountains winter and summer. Geir holds a master’s degree in Cybernetics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Proud Partner of Longview Proud Partner of Longview

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We can create
order from chaos.

When we distill your data, truths emerge.
Predictions are made with conviction.
Decisions are sound.

You feel relief.

Does it require breaking nasty habits? Yes.
Will progress be incremental? Absolutely.

Onpoint draws from our own values:
Lifelong learning.
Competence and experience.
Hard work. No, really hard work.

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